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4th May 2011

Can't believe it is almost a year since I last updated the news page, I don't know where my time goes....

So much has happened in a year, including dogs progressing up the grades, puppies being born etc etc

Rocky, Crystal and Bella now regularly compete in Champ, Crystal having a Reserve CC form Newton Heath last year.

Chase, Tom, Oz, Jimmy and Dude are in grade 6, Roxy grade 5, Eilidh grade 4 and all the others are doing nicely.

My Bo is in grade 6 and has sired a litter of puppies with Helen Verrechia's Karli, 7 beautiful puppies, 5 boys and 2 girls. They were born just after the Royal wedding and so are named William, Arthur, Phillip, Louis, Catherine, Elizabeth and Harry. Harry put in a late appearance after the other 6 were born, cleaned and fed!!

Bo has also been mated with Astra Isla, a lovely little speckly girl but her pregnancy has not been confirmed yet.

Hopefully I will manage to update a bit more regularly in the future and post some puppy pictures here.

Sue x

8th/9th May 2010

Fair City is one of my favourite shows.... the venue is doggy heaven!!

There were some interesting courses, no rosies for me but Rocky won a grade 6 agility and Bella a grade 6 jumping. This means they now both have 2 of the 4 wins needed for grade 7 - Well done!!

Not sure about the other Indistorms though I'm sure there were more prizes gained. Please keep me up to date with your achievements!!

1st/2nd May 2010

At Woodside, the weather was cold and wet on Saturday morning and though the rain stopped it stayed bitter cold all weekend - or are we getting soft??

Jack and brother Ski made the Champ final again but both failed to go clear. They are both running well though so maybe more luck next time.

I heard Chase and Carol-Anne got a 4th and a 2nd  in grade 5 agility, Rocky got another 2nd and Bo managed a win in grade 5 jumping after yet another very scary round :-)

Well done everyone and apologies if I've missed anyone out.

25th April 2010

We were at Scottish Border Collie Club Championship show this weekend and it was Jack's first Champ class. He was a star, having a clear round in the jumping and 5 faults in the agility to get him in the final. he didn't go clear but he ran superbly and we were very proud. Brother Ski also made the final.

Other successes went to Jacqui and Jimmy, 1st in grade 5 jumping and 2nd in grade 5 agility. Jimmy is definitely ready for grade 6.

Rocky being handled by Heather McLean as Lesley is unfit at the moment won grade 6 jumping and was 2nd in grade 6 agility.

Louise and Crystal took 2nd in grade 7 jumping and also made the Champ final in her very first Champ class, well done you two!!.

At Lincoln Julie and Oz got 2 2nd's in grade 4 agility and jumping and a 1st in grade 4 jumping.

Indi isn't quite fit at the moment, she doesn't seem to be jumping right so we'll get her checked over this week by a chiropractor

I heard that Bo's babies are doing really well, Puzzle is up to grade 5, Bilbo in grade 4 and Jingo has had his first grade 5 jumping win..... WOW - well done!!

17/18 April 2010

We were at Fife this weekend, Bella continued to get her weaves in the ring and managed a 2nd in grade 6 agility and a win in grade 6 jumping, Lesley and Rocky were just behind in 3rd place.

Bo won combined 4-5 jumping, Jack got a few places as did Indi.

Anne and Eilidh won grade 3 jumping and Jacqui and Jimmy won grade 5 agility.

I heard Louise and Crystals name numerous times at the presentations, places included a couple of 2nds I think and a grade 7 jumping win on what I heard was a very testing course!!

Well done everyone, we are soooo proud!!

10th/11th April 2010

At Dundee, Ian was supposed to be training in preparation for Jack's first Champ class later on in the month.... but he still managed to win a grade 7 agility. Bella was getting her weaves in the ring so that was a huge improvement and well worth all the hard work Ian has put in. Bo got a third in grade 5 jumping after a really scary round and a turn in the wrong direction before the last jump.

Easter 2010

Easter at Dog Vegas and Hare N Hounds....

Christine and Daisy won 2 grade 6 jumping classes, Carol-Anne and Chase had a 1st and a 2nd in grade 4 agility so good luck in grade 5 and there were lots of other places too, so forgive me if I've forgotten anyone.

Bo's babies made their debut in the ring at HH, with Jenny's Tiz winning a combined 3-4 jumping class - WOW, what a future this little girl has ahead of her. I'm sure Kathryn and Spy were just as proud as us!!

01 March 2010

Tayla is growing up fast, she has had her second injection and can now go out and about. She is happy travelling in the van now which is a relief as like most agility people we do thousands of miles a year going to shows. I have started clicker training her and she seems quick to learn but I won't be rushing it as I like my puppies to have fun being puppies. The other dogs have accepted her into their pack though sometimes Bella struggles to keep her in check. Unlike her mum, she is a chewer so we have to watch her like a hawk!!


Jaidi and Trek have settled well,  I'm hoping to meet Trek at Hare N Hounds next weekend but it could be a while before I see Jaidi again :-( They have grown loads and are full of fun. Alan says Jaidi is very like Joe Boy so he must be growing into a very handsome chap indeed. Sue x

13 Feb 2010

Congratulations to Ian & Bella (Indistorm Decibelle) who won grade 5 agility today at Hare N Hounds, taking her to grade 6.

8 Feb 2010

Apologies for not updating recently, there is lots to report.

Firstly the boys left for their new homes on Saturday. I was very sad but totally happy with where they have gone. Homing puppies is the hardest part of breeding, it's the bit I find most difficult as they are after all my babies!! Both boys seem to have settled OK and Alan and Marilyn are happy with their new acquisitions. It is particularly poignant for Alan and Jackie as Joe Boy (the puppies Granddad) has suffered a stroke recently and Jaidi looks just like him when he was a puppy. We are keeping our fngers crossed that Joe's health will continue to improve.


Tayla is now on her own, she has settled in with our other dogs well and is now sleeping in a large crate in the kitchen. She goes right through the night and her house training is coming on well. Indi continues to play with her and Bella is her number one pal!! The boys are keeping themselves at a distance at the moment but will come round soon if past behaviour is anything to go by. More later Sue x

1 Feb 10

The journey in the van went OK, Trek was a little dribbly but they all survived the ordeal. We went to the vet for a check before they go to their new homes next weekend. Everything was fine and they all enjoyed cuddles from the vet and the nurses. I have wormed them again and they are now totally weaned. Indi still likes to pop in and play with them occasionally and they have been introduced to our other dogs. I am now putting them in a large crate in the kitchen for a few hours a day. This is a good way of getting them used to our other dogs whilst keeping them safe and out of harms way.

They are also used to going outside every day and love to run about and chase each other. Bella keeps jumping in the enclosure to steal their toys - naughty Bella!! We are hoping to take some portraits of them this week, we have done this with the previous litters, it is always great fun though exhausting. Hopefully it will be much easier to make 3 puppies sit still. Sue x

29 Jan 10

The puppies are 6 weeks old today and they are growing fast both in size and personality. It's a full time job looking after them but one that I enjoy very much. They sleep right through the night and love to be outside, even when it's cold...... Indi is only popping in occasionally to have a little play with them now though she did feed them this morning, I don't envy her the task with their teeth and claws.


I have registered the puppies with the Kennel Club today, hopefully we will get the names we have chosen. I will update when I receive confirmation.


The puppies are going out in the van later as I feel they are ready for the experience. Indi will be going with them, hopefully they won't scream the place down too much - wish me luck!! Sue x

25 Jan 10

Tayla & JD





                If a picture paints a thousand words. . .


                                                                . . .What more can I say?


25 Jan 10

We have had lots of visitors over the weekend including some children..... The puppies love company but were exhausted when Indi's breeder Lisa arrived on Saturday. I can assure you Lisa they are not normally that quiet. They ventured outdoors yesterday for the first time and quickly got the idea that they are supposed to clean themselves out there. It was snowing this morning when they were out but they weren't fazed at all. I also let them into the living room yesterday and their new favourite game is to chase each other round the sofa - it is hilarious.

I haven't been able to weigh them this week as they are too big for my scales but they've had their nails clipped again.

The big news of the weekend though is that Jingle Bell now has a name....... Tayla. It suits her just fine :-) Sue x

21 Jan 10

The puppies had a peaceful night sleeping right through till 7am this morning, Indi then popped in to give them a quick drink and they went back to sleep till 8.30am


I let them out for a play and they went wild - I now know what Lisa means when she mentions "those wild Borderstorm eyes" cos my lot had them this morning, especially Trek (sorry Marilyn)..... There was lots of tail pulling going on I did part one of two squabbles that got out of hand.


I gave them a little treat today, a small marrowbone biscuit which took them ages to eat but at least it kept them quiet for a while. I am hoping the weather is going to improve over the next few days as I would like to get them outside to begin their house training.


PS - Jingle Bell is still nameless. Sue xx

20 Jan 10

The Puppies have now been downstairs in the large pen for 6 days. They have lots of space to run around and play though they still prefer to be out of the pen rather than in it!! We now have quite a settled routine of sleep, eat and playtimes. They have had their second worming at 4 weeks and are tucking into solid food, Indi is still feeding them though less frequently; she prefers to play with them instead. I have taken some video of them playing with mum, it's soooo sweet, I will try and upload it later.


Jingle Bell is still nameless :-(

18 Jan 10

We have had a busy weekend, the puppies have been cuddled, played with and generally well socialised. They have also been chosen by their new owners.


Rudolph is going to live with Alan and Jackie Gardner (Del's parents), his new name will be Jaidi


Frosty has been chosen by Marilyn Murphy and is now called Trek.


Jinlge Bell is still nameless - poor little girl!!


There are new photos on the gallery page. Sue x

14 Jan 10

The puppies have just been moved downstairs to the large pen. They were a little bemused at first but a visit from Indi soon settled them; they now have lots of space to run round and play with their toys. I can also get them out to play on the conservatory floor and hopefully if the weather improves they can go outside. This really gives them a good start with their house training, something I like to get started with before they leave to go to their new homes.


We have decided that Jingle Bell will definitely be staying here with us, we haven't settled on a name yet but watch this space. The boys have lovely new homes lined up, I will post where they are going after the weekend.


The webcam is not set up at the moment, I am planning to do it tomorrow. Sue x


12 Jan 10

  Puppies are now very active, here is a video of them playing after breakfast today.


11 Jan 10

The puppies are 24 days old and continue to keep us busy. At this age 24 hours can account for big changes in development........ I am now feeding them solid food mixed to a porridge consistancy and they love it although they still occasionally get more on their paws than in their mouths. Indi is still feeding them regularly and doesn't like to be away from them too long. She lies in the box and plays with them whilst they pull her ears and climb all over her. Bo and Bella have taken up residency outside the bedroom door as they are desperate to be in with the puppies. Indi however has no intention of letting them near her babies - at least not yet.


We are having regular play times outside the box and they have had their first toys, Rudolph and Frosty are the most interested in them at the moment. Frosty is proving to be quite a handfull, he is always exploring the room and getting up to mischief, I seem to spend a lot of time retrieving him from under the chair or bed - he has me quite exhausted. The other two are more happy to stay and play with me and my slippers!!!!


07 Jan 10

The puppies are now 20 days old and are becoming more active. Their first teeth have come through (Poor Indi) and they have had their first taste of milk replacer. It was really comical to watch them, they stood in it then licked their paws before they finally realised how to lap it up. They love being out of the box whilst I am cleaning it out and can happily walk about without falling over too much.


Their personalities are starting to develop;

Frosty is very confident and is usually the first to do anything new, he loves to play and is always first to the side of the whelping box to greet me.


Rudolf is very affectionate and laid back, he has the softest facial expression and likes to be on my knee for a cuddle rather than in the box. He had a lovely play with Indi this morning, pawing at her face whist she was cleaning him - soooo sweet!.


Jingle Bell is the naughty one, she's always the one that growls when they play and seems to have quite a temper..... she's also good at pouncing on my hands and her brothers. Having said that she is very kissy too (takes after Indi) and licks my face when I give her a cuddle.


We are hoping to take some more photos at the weekend and will put them on the gallery page. Sue x

5 Jan 10

The puppies are progressing in leaps and bounds. They are up on their feet, can wag their tails and clean themselves without Indi's help although they are still a little wobbley!! They had their first venture out of the whelping box this morning whilst I cleaned it out and they took it all in their stride. I have cut their nails again and they have had their first worming which they didn't like at all. They are really playful with each other and all I want to do is sit and watch them......... See a short video here.


Other news: Congratulations to Eilidh (Indistorm Dark Surprise) who was 2nd in Grade 3 jumping at Dundee in December, well done Anne, I'm sure that Grade 3 win isn't far away..........Sue x 

2 Jan 10

Happy New Year!!

What a difference a day makes.....

Now that the puppies can see and hear they come to the side of the whelping box to greet me when I go in the room. They are interacting with each other more and like to have a little play after they've been fed. We've also heard the occasional growl and bark and they are wagging their tails - its sooooo sweet!! They still have voracious appetites and are gaining weight steadily.

The weather here is quite bad, we have lots of snow....... don't think we will be getting many puppy visitors this weekend :-(

31 Dec 09

The puppies are now 13 days old and are starting to interact with each other. Rudolf's eyes are wide open and the other two's have just started to open. They are feeding approx every two hours and have huge appetites. Ian will take some more photos tomorrow when they will be 2 weeks old. I can't believe how fast the time has gone, it's scary to think that in 5 weeks these puppies will be off to their new homes :-( (Sue)

28 Dec 09

I've added a photo Gallery to the pups page today click here for the latest photo's. (Ian)

27 Dec 09

The puppies are now 9 days old and are growing steadily, they have all doubled their birth weight in 7 days. Indi is now sleeping outside the box but still keeping a very close eye on her babies, the slightest squeak is enough for her to come running. We are getting a bit more rest as they are sleeping longer between feeds. I thought Indi's tummy looked a bit sore yesteday so I trimmed the puppies claws for the first time, this is a job I hate but it's easier at this age as they can't see what I'm doing :-)


Indi's c-section wound is healing nicely, I am cleaning it daily with Aromesse Colloidal Silver spray (thank you Karen), there are no external stitches so it is causing Indi no problems as it heals.


Ian took some photos yesterday so he will be posting them on the puppy page later. (Sue)

21 Dec 09

It was Indi's birthday yesterday, she had a special tea and lots of cuddles....


The puppies are growing fast, they sing in their sleep, keeping me and Indi awake but we are not complaining. Jingle Bell is the most active, Frosty is the noisiest and Rudolf has the longest coat, I think it is going to be curly like grandad Joe Boy.


I have given up on the external host provider for the webcam as I could not get my router configured properly and had no response to my emails for help. The webcam can however be viewed through Windows Live Messenger 2009 which is available as a free download. Contact me for help on if you need further instructions. Bye for now, Sue x

19 Dec 09

Mum and pups doing fine - See their photo's on The Christmas Litter page

18 Dec 09

Proud mum and pups 18hrs oldWell that was quite a night... 


Although at first we thought that Indi was hanging on to her pups, we realised as the night went on that she was becoming a little agitated. We rang the vet for advice and took her in for a check up in the middle of the night. It was quite some trip, through snow and ice and the police warning to make essential journeys only!!   


I'll put further detail on the litter page but for now the main thing is that Indi and her pups are fit and well and she is the proud mum of 3 healthy (large) pups following a caesarian.


Now all I've got to do is sell a kidney to pay the vets bill. (Ian)

18 Dec 09

Indi is the proud mum of 3 beautiful babies, 2 boys and a girl born by caesarian section in the early hours of today. Mum and babies doing well..... and me - well I'm shattered!!

Ian will update later with puppy pictures. (Sue)

17 Dec 09

6.30 pm

Hmmm. . . Here we go again.


Those of you who know Indi or have read about her earlier litters will know she can have a propensity for being awkward at these times. . . Yup she's at it again, I (Ian) have just returned from work to find Indi looking quite happy to keep these puppies cooking for a while yet.


This could be a long night....... (Ian)

17 Dec 09

3 pm

Still no sign of any puppies, looks like we may have to wait 18 hours rather than the 6 we hoped for. She has just been outside for some fresh air and a waddle in the snow, hopefully that will set things in motion :-) (Sue)

17 Dec 09

9 am

Indi has had a restless night and is now in the first stage of labour. This varies from bitch to bitch and can last from 6 - 18 hours; hopefully the puppies will be born today. Everything is ready, the whelping room is nice and warm though its very cold and snowy outside. More later... (Sue)

16 Dec 09

7.30 pm

Indi's temperature has dropped to 97.9 F, hopefully this means she will have her puppies in the next 12 - 24 hours..... watch this space :-) (Sue)

16 Dec 09

2 pm

Indi in her whelping box


Indi's temperature is stable apart from a few blips.... she is now so used to having her temperature taken that she comes running when she hears the bleep as I switch the thermometer on, turns her bottom towards me and lifts her tail - what a sweetheart!! I think she is getting very uncomfortable and bored. This picture of her in the whelping box was taken at 2pm today.


Still no joy with the webcam, I am waiting for the host provider to contact me.... (Sue)

15 Dec 09

Day 60

Indi's temperature is still stable at around 99.5 F these babies seem in no hurry to arrive. Her previous litters have been a few days early so I was expecting this one to be the same - Indi however has other ideas....We will just have to wait.

I am having problems setting up the webcam with the host server I was hoping to use. I may have to resort to using Messenger as I did last time. All it means is that you will have to download Messenger (it's free) and open a conversation window with me before you can view the webcam. (Sue)

13 Dec 09

Today is day 58 of Indi's pregnancy - Puppies are now viable if they decided to come this early! I am taking her temperature 3 times a day as it will drop 12 - 24 hrs before she gives birth. The whelping box is up and Indi is now sleeping in it or next to it just in case. The next few days are just a waiting game when we will both take it easy, having lots of cuddles before the hard work starts. Maybe Indi will help me with wrapping the Xmas pressies?? We are hoping to set the webcam up tomorrow and we will post the link here when it is up and running. It won't be on during the birth but hopefully as soon as Indi and her new babies are settled we will go online. (Sue)

04 Dec 09

Day 49


We now have only 2 weeks to go until the expected day of whelping. Indi is getting much fatter, her shape has changed as the uterine horns fold over and she is spending a lot of time grooming herself. Her nipples are huge and she is quite restless a lot of the time, I think her tummy must be getting uncomfortable. I have started to feed her 4 times a day, she loves the special meals she gets at lunch time to hide the worming granules..... Pilchards, cottage cheese, tuna - yum yum. The other dogs are green with envy!! (Sue)

29 Nov 09

Puppy Update 1 


We are now at day 44. Indi is looking quite fat but in the peak of health. Her appetite is good and she eats everything I put in front of her, she is being fed 3 times a day at present and is having a diet formulated specifically for bitches in whelp, I used it last time with excellent results so am sticking to the same product.


She has slowed down a little bit (though not much!) but still wants to run around the garden with the other dogs, we are being careful that she does not get bumped or jostled. She has taken to lying at the top of the stairs during the evening which is strange for her as she does not usually come upstairs voluntarily - maybe she remembers that her previous puppies were born there? 


Indi was wormed before she was mated and has been wormed daily since day 40 of her pregnancy, this will continue until 2 days after the puppies are born. This is necessary because the release of hormones during pregnancy activate roundworm larvae which may be lying dormant in the tissues of the bitch. These can migrate to the uterus, mammary glands and into the developing puppies. Larvae already present within the puppy at birth will develop into adult worms by the time the puppy is 2 weeks old. A heavy roundworm infestation in young puppies can cause breathing problems, coughing, pneumonia, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and a pot bellied appearance. I consider it vital for the health of the puppies to worm the bitch during pregnancy and the puppies regularly after whelping. (Sue)

29 Nov 09

Hello and welcome to the Indistorm news page - This is the very first entry and marks the day of this website going "live"  - Although a long way from complete we hope that this site will be of ongoing interest and will be an opportunity for all you Indistorm owners to be proactive and keep us all up to date with your news. We hope you will return again and enjoy your visits. (Ian)