INDISTORM Border Collies



Let me introduce you to "Indi" or to give her full Kennel Club registered name "Borderstorm Indi-Go" she is the founder of Indistorm Border Collies. Visit her page here.



Here at Indistorm we are proud of our association with Borderstorm Border Collies and when looking for a name for this new line we could think of nothing better than to amalgamate the two names and so Indistorm was born… (visit the Borderstorm site here.)



The Indistorm Philosophy.

We do not consider ourselves to be breeders in the full sense of the term. Indi has had 3 litters in all and we have never had a litter of pups until we have had a list of potential owners - Although bred with agility competition in mind we never chose a potential home based on the success of the handler but rather on the quality of life the dog will have. All potential owners are thoroughly vetted before being considered as a suitable home. We are firm believers in having every possible health test to ensure that Indistorm pups are not only fit and healthy but are a credit to the Border Collie breed.


In support of this all pedigrees carry a breeding endorsement which prohibits registration of any progeny; these endorsements can be lifted by us should an owner have a bona-fide reason to breed from their dog. Proof of satisfactory health tests would be required before any endorsement could be lifted.


Also should an owners circumstances change in the future and they become unable to keep their Indistorm puppy, they should not be placed in general rescue kennels or re-homed but returned to us.













2006 saw the arrival of Indi's first litter with Dylon (Dylon E Do Well) a stunning B/W boy from ISDS and Agility lines. Dylon is health tested "Clear" in all respects, has good hips, a wonderful temperament and a strong work drive. There's more of him on Indi's page.


As the pups were born in November, it seemed only right to give each pup a temporary Fireworks related name. To visit their page click here.








The Fireworks litter 




2006 - The Fireworks Litter

From left to right - Sparkler, Penny, Rocket, Cracker, Banger & Boni.

Later to become - Daisy, Crystal, Rocky, Tom, Jack & Bella.








In 2007 Indi re visited Dylon for her second litter. Again born in November but this time when Strictly Come Dancing was on the TV so this time the pups were named after dances. To visit their page click here.




The Dancing litter



2007 - The Dancing Litter


From left to right - Jive, Twist, Stomp, Samba, Jitterbug, Hokey Cokey and Ceilidh.

Later to become - Jimmy, Alfi, Chase, Eilidh, Dude, Oz & Roxy.