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Here at Showtime our aims are simple:-



To the Agility Club -


Our aim is to ease the strain and workload on busy Agility Clubs and their Show Management by providing a complete and high quality show processing service that is both cost effective and cost transparent. We hope we have a reputation for a caring professional approach while at the same time offering a very complete and friendly service tailored exactly to your individual needs.


We have been involved in competitive dog agility ourselves for many years both as competitors and in the management of a championship agility show. We have both the background and the experience to know exactly what both you and your customers (the competitors) want and need.




Agility is fun

To the Competitor -


We compete in agility ourselves and have done so for many years. Although we are paid by the club hosting the show we also consider it important that we provide a service to you the competitor.


We offer friendly advice and support both through this website and in person or by phone. That may be anything from, "what grade should I enter?" for the absolute beginner to advice on the latest legislation for the more experienced among us. If we don't know the answer we'll know who does.



To Both -


This website is under constant development. It is our aim that it should be very straight forward to use and find your way around. You can through our pages download schedules for the many shows that we process. You can  advise us online of your grade changes and we will always reply so that you know your changes are being dealt with - If you get no reply we have not received your change so try again or call us on 01207 565774. You can also keep up to date on both show entry closing dates and the final date for grade changes. You can also download your running orders or ring plans direct from our pages. To find all of this visit the "Agility Shows 2018" page. 


Our latest development is showtime-online our online entry, processing and scoring  sytem. Once registered you can keep your own records up to date, enter shows and make secure payments. To find out about this and much more visit  


We of course do not rest there but continue to seek new developments. All of this is what keeps us busy, keeps us one step ahead and keeps us uniquely Showtime.



Indi Seesaw


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